Andrea Zanon

Meet Andrea Zanon

Andrea Zanon is a skilled and experienced professional whose knowledge, expertise, and insight have helped him develop a successful career as an entrepreneur. Andrea’s career began in 1996 when he founded Gimmy-Lee Co., serving as the Vice President of Sales. From there, he founded Aroma Italia Food Consulting in Granada, Spain, where he served as Chief Operations Officer for the business. During his time in Spain, he founded the Earth Council Italia, where he continues to serve as Vice President to this day. Following that, Andrea worked with Albright Capital Management in Washington, D.C., as an Investment Officer before stepping into a position with the World Bank Group. Finally, before his current role, Andrea Zanon worked with Amsterdam Strategic Advisors as President and Head of the Crisis Unit. Learn more about Andrea by checking him out online!




Risk Data Companies Stand To Gain From ESG

Large companies and investment firms are beginning to understand the importance of mitigating system-level risks, particularly risks that involve climate and the environment. Secondarily, investors are beginning to question the environmental, sustainability, and governance impacts of their investments. The emerging divestment trend from heavily polluting industries is a good example of the business and investment shift thatContinue reading “Risk Data Companies Stand To Gain From ESG”

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