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Food & Restaurant Subscription Business Models and How They Work

In the not-so-distant past, there were two main options for having a meal: cooking at home or purchasing from a restaurant. Today, the lines have been blurred by the Restaurant Food Subscription Model. This, along with meal delivery kits, has changed the way we eat. Hungry for more? We’re serving up the details here. WhatContinue reading “Food & Restaurant Subscription Business Models and How They Work”

25 Online Businesses for Beginners

    The digital era has transformed the way businesses operate, making it easier than ever for beginners to start their entrepreneurial journey. With a vast array of online business opportunities available, aspiring entrepreneurs can choose from numerous ventures that align with their skills, passions, and goals. In this article, we will explore 25 onlineContinue reading “25 Online Businesses for Beginners”

Do what you are good at, remove toxic people and focus on long term results

As I listened to Warren Buffett and Charlie Monger address their shareholders at the May 2023 annual meeting, the message emerging from the two billionaires’ investors were “spend less than you earn, invest shrewdly, and avoid at all costs toxic people and toxic activities”. If you manage to adopt this message by age 40, youContinue reading “Do what you are good at, remove toxic people and focus on long term results”

7 Key Advantages of Mobile Marketing

As social media continues to grow, brands are increasingly converting to mobile marketing. You might consider this to be a stellar strategy for your business! The benefits of marketing your brand through a medium that reaches thousands, if not millions, of people are manifold. Mobile marketing, like any type of marketing, promotes a range ofContinue reading “7 Key Advantages of Mobile Marketing”

How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Entrepreneurship

Complex issues emerge quite often whenever you are running your own business. Successful entrepreneurs can think strategically about these problems and come to a decision quickly. To do so, they need to possess strong critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is the ability to evaluate information to make a wise judgment on how to move forward.Continue reading “How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Entrepreneurship”

5 Software Tools That Save Time and Money for Startups

Getting a startup up and running is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming with limited resources and tight budgets. Fortunately, software tools can significantly save your company time and money during the early stages of your venture. This article explores five essential software solutions to help your business take off and stay airborne.  Continue reading “5 Software Tools That Save Time and Money for Startups”

8 Goals for an Ecommerce Business

  Ecommerce is the new frontier of business, with countless opportunities for expansion, growth, and innovation. It’s a world that waits for no one, moving at a pace that is dizzying, exciting, and occasionally intimidating. To maintain a competitive edge in this dynamic landscape, it’s essential to set good and actionable goals. Setting good goalsContinue reading “8 Goals for an Ecommerce Business”

The Biggest Struggles of Working Remotely and Ways to Overcome Them

  During the dawn of the 2020’s, the traditional confines of the office have stretched to the living room, the local coffee shop, and anywhere with a stable internet connection.  Remote work, once considered an exception, has swiftly become a norm for many organizations. However, the shift from the hustle and bustle of office corridorsContinue reading “The Biggest Struggles of Working Remotely and Ways to Overcome Them”

World Bank selects Wall Street CEO to address climate and sustainable development

As Ajay Banga, a former Wall Street CEO, was chosen as the World Bank’s new President, it will be interesting to learn more about the implications for such a bold move and what it means for climate finance moving forward. Banga begins his five-year term on June 2, 2023. Banga most recently served as ViceContinue reading “World Bank selects Wall Street CEO to address climate and sustainable development”

9 Necessary Business Laptop Accessories for 2023

Laptops are essential devices for young entrepreneurs, college students, and traveling remote workers alike. Although most laptops boast several impressive features, they often lack some aspects inherent to desktop computers. This can render work challenging and stressful without the right laptop accessories. Appropriate laptop accessories help establish a workspace wherever you are, enhancing comfort andContinue reading “9 Necessary Business Laptop Accessories for 2023”