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Never Waste A Good Crisis

As a crisis and risk management specialist I have helped Governments, Corporations and Entrepreneurs manage crises that involved natural disasters, economics, reputation management and financial meltdowns. When a crisis or bad news hits us, we all tend to overreact and get into fire-fighter mode. While this is natural, we should all learn to slow down,Continue reading “Never Waste A Good Crisis”

We Become the Average of the Five People We Spend Most Time With

Many of us perform jobs for extended periods of time that are not the perfect fit. We perform tasks we do not like, and that do not match our skill set. We often choose to work with people we do not like nor respect just because we need to pay bills and make ends meet.Continue reading “We Become the Average of the Five People We Spend Most Time With”

Resiliency Makes Businesses and Countries More Competitive

In today’s globally interconnected economy, the intersection between business and policy is more important than ever. Governments, corporations, and civil society organizations engage with each other like never before, producing sustainable arrangements to promote growth in emerging markets, and pooling resources and know-how to address and mitigate financial crises and shocks. The most resilient countries and businessesContinue reading “Resiliency Makes Businesses and Countries More Competitive”

Ignore the Noise and Focus on What you Have Absolute Control Over

I was inspired by reading one of the diaries of General Napoleon Bonaparte, the great French military leader and Emperor who conquered much of Europe in the early 19th century. The diary talks about the emperor’s ability to stay focused. One of the tactics Napoleon followed strictly, was to instruct his spies and generals toContinue reading “Ignore the Noise and Focus on What you Have Absolute Control Over”

Follow your expertise. Don’t follow the shiny trends!

In a post Covid world, it is hard to ignore the success of digital trends, investment platforms, and new video games. But if those type of businesses aren’t what you know best, they probably don’t represent career opportunities for you.  Instead of being seduced by these shiny trends and in my view “speculative transition businesses”, takeContinue reading “Follow your expertise. Don’t follow the shiny trends!”

Ambition is Your “Brain Horsepower”

Thomas Jefferson said, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” Despite this, in many countries, including my own, Italy, people consider ambition a negative trait as this is often associated with excessive power, arrogance, disrespect forContinue reading “Ambition is Your “Brain Horsepower””

Stop Trying To Please Everyone. Please Yourself First

For most of us the most difficult day-to-day challenge is “getting to a no” which is what we call the process for deciding on what not to do. While this sounds easy to accomplish, it is not, as we are all conflicted and tend to say yes to please other people, or to delay the no for aContinue reading “Stop Trying To Please Everyone. Please Yourself First”

Entrepreneurs Feel Stuck? Hire A Coach!

What I learned by advising Ministers of Finance, global CEO and Women Leaders, is that about 90% of the top performers have above average emotional intelligence and use coaching to improve it. Founders and executives that use business coaching for decision making, point to a 7X return on their investment within 12 months. Also, since IContinue reading “Entrepreneurs Feel Stuck? Hire A Coach!”

Executive and Entrepreneurs: Here is How to Use Silence to Your Advantage

While silence can be awkward, learning how to use it at the right moment can be powerful. Conventional wisdom tells us that if you make your voice heard, be it in a classroom, in a board meeting or at a networking event, you are going to get what you want. One of the quotes thatContinue reading “Executive and Entrepreneurs: Here is How to Use Silence to Your Advantage”

Entrepreneurs Who Cultivate Positive Mindset Can Convert Crisis Into Opportunity

Training your brain to be positive is not so different from training your muscles through different sports. Simple efforts to develop new habits help you rewire the brain for the better. Here are few examples that over a month period can yield incremental results boosting your success and personal happiness: As you become more active andContinue reading “Entrepreneurs Who Cultivate Positive Mindset Can Convert Crisis Into Opportunity”